Shimmer & Shine; Metallic Decorating

Throughout the eighties – when Hillary and Dijon were mere children – the use of metallic in home decor was abundant but, dare we say it, a little kitsch (anyone remember the gold tablecloth?). Flash forward a few decades and you’ll notice that these hues have well and truly made a comeback, scattered through homes everywhere in a more subtle manner.

If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon but don’t want a colour story that’s too overwhelming, we recommend using gold, silver and bronze shades as accent pieces in your rooms. You’ll find they have a unique way of bringing opulence to an otherwise simple area.

All three metallic types bode particularly well in black and white colour palettes, when you’re left unsure of which third colour to introduce into the mix, but they also team well with deep blues and chocolate browns. If you’re looking to go oriental, try mixing gold and bronze with red varieties and really get into the spirit of this ancient colour combination.

While we have come across magazines suggesting you can use all three in perfect harmony in a room, it’s extremely hard to pull off and the power of each individual item tends to get lost in the colour confusion. But feel free to go with what feels right and let us know if you find a balance.

For those of you who like to ease into testing new shades, check out our photographs and take some inspiration from the way we’ve used these colours in our own home and office.

7 thoughts on “Shimmer & Shine; Metallic Decorating

  1. Love the silver phone. Have been looking for a working retro phone for ages. But now that I’ve seen this one, I want a silver one.

    • Thanks Melanie, This silver phone is actually a money box that also makes for a lovely decorator item. It’s one of our favourites. We have a post coming soon on applying silver finishes to regular household items. We think you’ll like that one too. H&D

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