Decorating with white

White decor is timeless and elegant and it also makes a space look bigger and fresher. However, sometimes it’s hard to inject some personality into a white decorating pallet. We’ll show you how to make whites pop whilst keeping to a neutral decorating style.

Take a look at our photo gallery for ideas:

  • White against silver is a great way to keep your decorating style neutral and yet allowing the white to ‘pop’ against the contrasting shine of the silver.
  • Placing white items in a cluster against a painted wall, mirror or artwork also makes the items pop.
  • Fresh white flowers in a simple glass vase on top of a dark wood coffee table
  • A bright rug like this great floral one makes simple, white furniture really stand out
  • Cushion clusters with white texture, designs and prints against a coloured sofa.
  • Decorating in muted tones and whites for nursery spaces like how we accessorised Evie’s room
  • Doilies happen to make their way into every home. Dust them off like Stuart and Leanne did at their wedding and use them for a vintage touch to any space.

If you have any outdated ornaments or larger items like jugs that you’re considering throwing away, just hold that thought and don’t throw anything away until you’ve picked up a can of glossy white spray paint. Give them a quick clean and dry, then spray away. You’ll be surprised as to how the most unstylish and outdated items can be transformed with a new gloss-white recreation. Cluster a variety of different items and you’ll be surprised how it all comes together.

– The Cloud9 Project

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