Create Serenity in Your Home

The thing about tranquility is, that you may not naturally come across it in your busy day. So you have to create your own sense of Zen, and here are some simply ways to help you along your journey of inner serenity.

zen stones

Zen is a form of meditation or calmness that can be attained through direct intuitive insight. But there are also indirect ways that you can inject a little Zen back into your life.

We can’t control the crazy world around us and sometimes we don’t want to. The pace picks us up and gets us moving. But home is often our sanctuary. If you create a sense of serenity in your home then you can recharge yourself for everything else around you.

We have the simplest yet subliminally effective way of getting some Zen into your space and your mind.

Next time you drive to the beach or to go on a walk along a river, pick up a few stones or pebbles (or just head to your local gardening centre). Stack three or four up in order of size and with a permanent marker use a letter stencil or write freehand on the top stone.

Choose a word that reflects a feeling or state you would like to work towards. For us, it’s ‘serenity.’ But your word could be ‘believe’, ‘hope’, ‘faith’. The great thing is that you could just flip the top pebble over or get a new pebble and write a new word when you’ve gotten all the Zen you can from the last.

Make sure you keep the stones in an area that you see often like a kitchen counter, coffee table, next to your kettle, or even your bathroom vanity where you brush your teeth every morning.

Whatever the feeling you’re trying to achieve, put it down in a cute little Zen formation of stones and you’ll be surprised how much the word can work its way into your mind and become a reality.

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