Cocktail Glasses; For Drinks and Decorating

We won’t lie, we’re quite partial to a cocktail or three. Sadly though, our gorgeous glassware pieces tend to sit alone in the hutch, just waiting for a dinner party or special occasion to roll around.

Thankfully, though, with a little H&D creative inspiration you can now grab your glassware out of kitchen cupboard and use it for so much more than just sipping from. So have your glass cleaner at the ready for our top five alternative uses for your cocktail glasses:


A cluster of smaller buds or one giant bulb (like a Dahlia) will look amazing in an elaborate glass. This idea is perfect if you want to decorate a table or sideboard in your home for a limited time only. Because there will be little to no water, the flower will not last more than a few days (but what a picturesque few days it’ll be).


Forget chewing gum; grab yourself the classic martini glass and fill it with round mints. White varieties will look perfect against the shine of the glassware, making the piece an ideal adornment for your office desk. You and your colleagues will be dipping in non-stop! You can also use it to display jelly beans or chocolates.


As long as you keep your soaps small, this look will work well in a variety of glasses. Assemble them in a roughly stacked manner and keep them beside the sink in your bathroom as a strictly ornamental piece that is sure to smell divine if you choose scented types (this look can also work really well for potpourri).


Gorgeous jewellery should not be locked away in a box. Sit a beautiful necklace, rings or any bangles and accessories in a shallow glass. It’ll bring a bit of instant bling and luxury to your dressing room or side board and will make you want to wear your pieces more often.


Bowls are for amateurs! Nab yourself some stemless wine glasses or shallow vintage cocktail glasses and use them to serve your desserts. You’ll find that these glasses are perfect for recipes featuring layers like sponge in a trifle, cream and berries; the transparency will give your eager guest (or yourself) a little preview of what’s to come.

Injecting a little bit of creative difference in your home never needs to cost money. Just use your imagination and the existing glassware in your cupboard and surprise yourself with how cute the little things can become.


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