H&D; Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

After years of design, photography, writing, property and event styling projects, Hillary & Dijon is here; sharing our tips, tricks and easy projects for creating beautiful displays, creative spaces, delicious recipes and little bursts of inspiration.

We hold a firm belief that a big budget is not required to make both your home and your life that little bit special. It’s often the most affordable tips and tricks that can make a house a home, give a dinner party such lovely atmosphere and make gift giving so much more thoughtful.

We have a holistic approach to design and draw inspiration from elements that appeal to more than just the mass produced and we extend beyond just visual design. We play with textures, temperatures, scents, light and energies.

We hope to bring some inspiration to you through our perfectly blended passion for mixing modern elements with vintage flair and our love for all things reinvented, repurposed, recycled, personal and handmade.

We’d love to hear from you so we can, with time, build a creative community. Please join us on our journey by contributing to our blogs with your thoughts, tips and inspirational ideas!

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