Versatile Ladder: a must-have for any home

It was a magical twist of decorating fate when we came across an old wooden ladder a friend no longer wanted. We had eyed off many along the way in furniture shops but they were always either too modern or far too expensive. Needless to say, we snapped this up as soon as we cast our eyes on it, but then came the tough task of deciding what to use it for.

the versatile ladder: a must-have for any home - great for creating rustic displays

If a modern look is your particular design preference, many homewares stores (and even discount ones) are stocking ladders at the moment, so you can snap them up at a reasonable price.

Personally, though, we can’t go past old-world finds that come complete with paint splatters, rusty bolts and plenty of wear and tear. So if you happen to discover one in a second-hand shop or when someone else it giving it away, grab it and get it home.

Take a look at our gallery and see how easy it is to incorporate this piece into your home. Since we’ve had it, it’s been on a bit of a tour – from entrance to bathroom to hallway to kitchen to kids room and everything in between.

For areas that you need a little more sturdiness (like a kid’s room), you can always pick up some fasteners from your local hardware store and fix the top of the ladder to your wall so that it doesn’t tumble over.

The versatile ladder: a must have for any home - for decorating with a string of lights

Our favourite concept has to be using it for our extensive scarf collection (especially with cooler weather approaching), but the string of lanterns comes in a very close second.

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