Quick Styling Tricks with Cushion Clusters

I’m letting you into a stylists quickest trick – whether it is for your bed, couch, armchair or outdoor space – an easy way to transform and refresh a tired look and add colour, warmth and character to the whole space is to cluster a series of cushions of different colours, sizes and textures together.

Your furniture may have cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so you may not want to change these bigger items around with the seasons. However if you’re someone who likes to reinvent a space often without spending a lot of time or money, then cushions are the perfect remedy.

Take a look through these selections of different clusters that include looks in a variety of different styles: beachy, elegant, classic, retro, glamorous, luxe, natural and organic styles. As you can see, all the cushions in each cluster are slight variations that are linked by a common theme, colour or texture.

Larger floor cushions that have an interesting pattern or texture can be propped upright against furniture and used almost like a canvas. These can be stand-alone as they are quite large so you don’t need to cluster them with other cushions, but pairing them with some home wares works well.

Floor cushion

You can spend between $5 and hundreds on just one cushion, but if you plan on switching them around often to refresh the look, you don’t need to spend much to change things up. Since you’ll be mixing and matching a few cushions together, no one piece needs to stand-out more than the another:

Easy styling tips with cushion clusters

For a greener alternative to buying new cushion covers, try re-using material from things that you already have in the home but no longer use as often like blankets, t-shirts, jumpers, skirts and dresses. You can easy transform them into cushions by sewing parts of the material into a simple square or rectangles and filling with an insert. You’ll be surprised at how nicely an old sequin top from the late nineties (eeeek!) scrubs up when converted into a cushion. Even dad’s old-man sports jacket can look great. There are some great tutorials on Youtube that guide you through how to sew cushion covers.

To complete the look, find a throw that has a similar colour or texture to at least one of the cushions in the cluster and drape it across the bed or chair to further cosy up the space.

There is no particular trick to arranging the cushions so play around with the them and throws till they look harmonious in their space. You’ll know when it looks right.

Happy clustering!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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