How to Bring the Outside In

With summer almost here, your indoor and outdoor rooms often become one coexisting space. And while flowers are a great way to bring some ambience to your home, there are much more affordable and creative ways to get some wildlife wow factor happening in your home so that the inside and outside live together in perfect harmony.

Pebbles in a Dish. You can easily purchase rocks in all shapes and sizes from gardening stores and discount shops. If you happen to have some in your garden, bring them inside; just add some tea light candles to increase the effect.

Driftwood from the Beach. We purchased this glorious glass dish from Spotlight, but the look will work in any wide vase, preferably circular. Once again, a candle adds an element of warmth and vitality to this look.

Frame a Leaf. This look couldn’t be easier to put together and you can use any type of leaf you like. We found this one in our street and loved the colour. Simply pop it in a frame and you’re set!

Branch in a Vase. A large pot or vase will be suitable to take a pretty ample arrangement. The same goes for a small vase. It’s all about matching the size of the branch to the vase you have! You can even hang ornaments from your twigs for a whimsical vibe.

Pine Cone Cluster. Pine Cones are just so pretty, especially in a large cluster like this. If you want to go a step further, consider spray painting them (this look is marvellous for Christmas). We scored these from the park so the look cost nothing.

Succulent Chic. These gorgeous plants really do look lovely inside the home. Just ensure that they’re made to go indoors before you purchase. Succulents add a nice touch of greenery to a room and are less common then a floral arrangement.

Share your ideas with us for making your interiors feel a little more touched by nature.

2 thoughts on “How to Bring the Outside In

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