Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

At H&D, brown paper packages tied up with string, really are some of my favourite things! I love using recycled brown wrapping paper as a neutral base for adding some simple, elegant and personalised flair to gift-giving, decorating and organising.

I’m of the firm belief that how you wrap a gift is just as important as the present. The time and effort you put into tailoring the wrapping won’t be lost on the receiver; they’ll love the thoughtfulness!

Here are some simple ideas for gifts that are impressive and cost-effective:


All you’ll need (depending on which wrapping idea you’re going with, you’ll only need a few of these components each time):

  • A roll of brown recycled wrapping paper
  • A cutting board
  • A stanley knife or blade
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft glue
  • (1) Tissue paper (we’re using tissue paper with a print for a baby girl’s gift but you could use a plain or printed design)
  • (2) Some wool or yarn
  • (3) Paper doily
  • (4) A 3cm x 30cm strip of felt in your favourite colour & some complimenting ribbon in your choice of colour
  • (5) A store bought or hand made pompom with similar coloured string.

1) The Paper Pompom: They are all the rage right now and are a great item to have both around the house and for event styling. We’ll show you some other great ideas with them soon, but for now, let’s use them to pretty up this baby shower/baby girl themed present.

Simply fold four layers of tissue paper into a fan and staple one end. Cut the opposite end into a curve and then open up the layers (be careful not to rip the tissue paper as it’s quite thin). Then, simply use a strip of the same tissue paper as you would a ribbon and wrap it around the package. Stick the pompom on top with some double-sided tape and you’re done.

2) The Woolen Script: All you need is a length of wool in a contrasting colour to the brown paper so it stands out. Mark out your length so that you have enough for not only the name you want to feature but to cross around the back of the wrapping and over again to the front to tie a bow. Then, simply stick down the script with dabs of glue. The wool holds its shape so you only have to stick down the script in points.

brown paper packages tied up with string - simple and inexpensive gift wrapping ideas

3) The Paper Doily: You can get these from supermarkets, discounts shops and homewares stores; they are usually only $2 for a pack of about 30 and come in different shapes and sizes. Buy a pack and keep them handy, as we have a few ideas coming that involve these nifty little things! Trace or freehand write a name onto the doily. Then, on top of a cutting board, use a sharp blade or scalpel to cut out the script. Glue the back of the doily lightly (too much glue will make it wrinkle) and stick in the centre of your brown paper package.

4) The Felt Flower: Simply fold the strip of felt in half length ways and roll into a coil. The flower just comes together by itself within the roll. The centre should be a tight roll and the outer coils a bit more loose. Then staple the base together so that all the layers are captured. Wrap the box with brown paper, add a ribbon around the box and tie with a bow and then simply stick the felt flower on top of the bow.

5) The pompom: You can buy pompoms in a variety of colours and sizes from crafts stores, or if you are feeling extra creative, then try making them yourself. Here is a good video tutorial to follow. Attach the pompom with a similar or contrasting bit of wool or string and you’ve got an adorably cute wrapping idea. Like the gift tag? I’ll be selling some handmade ones like this in the inline H&D store that is opening in May.

brown paper packages tied up with string - simple and inexpensive gift wrapping ideas - pompoms

It’s that simple to add some personal charm to recycled paper. You’re being green, creating something beautiful and impressive and showing a special person that you care.

Happy gifting!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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