Ricotta Pancakes

Ricotta Pancakes with Walnut butter and orange maple syrup: This is a gourmet version of pancakes with minimal extra effort.

This recipe serves 4


  • Pancake mix* (Haha, what? we said it would be minimal effort!)
  • 120 grams of ricotta*
  • 1/2 cup of maple syrup
  • 2 oranges*
  • 3 teaspoons of walnuts
  • 4 tablespoons of butter* (or to taste)

* We found and used organic versions of all these ingredients at Coles and Woolworths. Check your local grocery store for organic equivalents that may be available.


  1. Make the pancake mix as recommended on the packet. However, when you’re cooking it, think of the pancake as a sandwich with the ricotta in the middle. So put down a thin circle of batter for one side of the pancake and after a few seconds add a teaspoon of ricotta into the middle of the batter. Then add the top layer of pancake mix on top and flip. This will give your pancakes a lovely ricotta center.
  2. Toss the walnuts in a small pan for a few seconds on medium heat. This releases their flavour, aroma and natural oils. Once cooled, crush up finely and mix with the butter
  3. Mix the juice and rind of one orange with the maple syrup. Cut the second orange into quarter wedges to serve as garnish with the pancakes.

Serve the pancake stack with a dollop of the walnut butter on top, a small cup or pot for the maple syrup and a wedge of orange on the side. You’ve just taken the regular pancake stack into gourmet territory.

Why not place them on a cute little tray together with a few bright yellow flowers in a vase and surprising someone special with breakfast in bed this weekend!

Enjoy a lovely start to the weekend!

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