Create Your Own Luxe Tissue Box

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a room come together and it’s dressings like  tissue boxes that are often overlooked.

We’ve been through many a home in our time and have come across beautiful rooms that are let down by common old boxes of tissues scattered around the place. Even though many companies are trying to make the boxes look more appealing with designs and pictures, the branding is usually still there (and while kittens are cute they don’t belong on tissue boxes!).

Now you can happily buy whatever tissues are most affordable and cover up the (questionable) design and branding with this tissue box holder. The holder itself we found at Spotlight, but most craft stores will stock them. All you need is some beautiful paper – also available at any craft store, a glue stick and a steady cutting hand – too easy!

Lay the box on your selected paper and trace around it with pencil. Cut out your squares, glue them on and you’re done. It really doesn’t get simpler than that to add a little lovely to your home. You’ll see here that we went for a black and white style with a raised pattern to really get a luxe feel – but go for any design you like.

Turns out sneezing can be a chic affair!

2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Luxe Tissue Box

  1. love love love it – you make it looks so easy and completely read my mind as the night before i pondered upon my tissues boxes wondering what one could do to hide the ducklings and other cute, cuddly but unnecessary creatures.

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