Pops of Yellow

Decorating with yellow is all the rage right now, but it is one of those colours that can be a bit too busy and a tad clumsy if it’s not introduced subtly. However, when introduced in the right way, yellows add a burst of happy sunshine and quirkiness into any space, dish or outfit.

The stores are awash with yellow homewares right now and as interesting as these cute bits and pieces are, you should have a look around your home and see if there are any unused vases, ornaments or crockery that would look good with a hit of yellow spray paint. You can get a can of high-gloss finish spray paint from hardware or discount stores for under $5; a very small fee for very big impact!

Yellow pieces have enough of a presence to make dramatic styling impact on their own, but you should also play around with yellow items clustered with other pieces. As a general rule, we find clusters work best if they are grouped in odd numbers and there is a common theme, shape, colour or texture running through the cluster with variations in height.

As well as home styling, yellows and variations like mustard, orange and gold tones have made a parallel appearance this fashion this season. It is, however, one of those colours that doesn’t look great with a lot of skin tones and very few can pull it off as the main colour in an outfit (with the definite exception of babies of course, they look adorable in yellow!). So if you don’t want to go too bold then try using yellow accessories like a mustard clutch or chunky yellow necklace against a contrasting backdrop.

In the kitchen, try adding a beautiful pumpkin puree to a simple meal. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and see the dish come alive with a burst of colour. We’ve made this seared scallop dish dozens of times and served it on a on a bed of greens, but with this bright yellow butternut pumpkin puree on a crisp white platter makes a beautiful backdrop to the otherwise simple colour pallet.

You can also serve up your normal sides like fries in quirky yellow cups and dishes for an extra ‘pop’ of colour to your dinner table.

In the garden, yellow flowers are fantastic for brightening up dark corners and for featuring over a boring wall or fence. Go bold with some sunflowers in pots or some smaller bursts of potted colour like daffodils or pansies.

A few of these yellow blooms mixed into a bouquet will also work wanders when decorating indoors. Use them to brighten up a simple bouquet of flowers or scatter them into a floral table centerpiece to freshen up the look for a function or dinner party.

Inject some pops of yellow into your home, outdoors, meals and your wardrobe and bring some sunshine to your day.

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