Travel Treasures; Find Fabulous Souvenirs

We love-love-love to travel. Along with visiting major cities, we always take the time to ‘go off the beaten track’ and immerse ourselves in the lesser-known towns and villages of whichever country we visit. It’s in these spots that we find we have the most authentic moments – with food, local cultures at work and finding truly unique souvenirs to take back home.

Travel Treasures; Finding perfect souveniers while on holidays - local markets and villages are the perfect places to find amazing pieces

Of course, we always go for the experience, the sights and sounds. But along the journey, nothing beats stumbling upon an antique store or second hand market to find a unique local item from each place you’ve loved visiting.

If find that splurging on one or two really nice items is never a regret because they have always managed to look great on display. Every time you we see them around our home, they make us smile and reminisce about our travels. Plus they make perfect gifts that loved ones truly appreciate and treasure.

We always try and do a tad of research on the place we’re visiting to and see if there are local markets or fairs to coordinate our visit with. They are absolute treasure troves for cute, quirky and unique items. These places will also often showcase the best regional produce and authentically traditional dishes (but that’s a whole other post), local handicrafts and some very cheerful, colourful characters. You just don’t get that if you only stick to the big cities the entire time.

So whilst we like a quick peek at the tacky tourist traps, the mass-produced and overpriced items like shot glasses, caps and T-shirts (that never really get used) all start to look the same and get a little tiresome. We’d much rather take the time to find something unique from each trip to fill our home with beautiful memories.

We hope you enjoy some of these photos taken in little villages we’ve been to in France and Spain… where we totally lost ourselves in a maze of amazing markets and antique stores. We were lucky enough to also stumble upon some local artisan’s workshops and galleries where they hand made made toys, ceramics, glassware and jewelry using age-old methods passed down from generations.

Travel Treasures; Finding perfect souveniers while on holidays - local markets and villages are the perfect places to find amazing pieces

Along with the wonderful experiences, we picked up quite an eclectic mix of treasures from these adventures and we didn’t end up spending a lot more than we would have on the mass-produced souvenirs – and in our household they are so adored every day.

Coming up soon we’ll take you through ideas for how to display your travel treasures!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

17 thoughts on “Travel Treasures; Find Fabulous Souvenirs

  1. what beautiful photos. Travel mementos are unique, truly priceless and make you smile every time you see them. It is almost like a journal of life experiences – room by room, corner by corner. thanks for sharing!

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