Transform Your Pieces with Pretty Paper

Now you all know we’re big fans of an organised office, but all too often the mass produced pieces you purchase to keep your chaos and clutter clean and orderly lack a little personalisation, leaving your space looking just like every other one out there.

We were looking for a way to keep our craft items within easy reach so when we’re mid pom pom, halfway through making a toy or in dire need of a scalpel, they could be right there with each item having its own easy-to-find home.

On the lookout for some pieces that cold be tweaked to reflect our own personal style, we picked up the mini drawer set – in raw wood – from IKEA and the pencil holder from Spotlight. Both are great blank canvases and were perfect to cover in paper we found at a local craft store.

We had already revelled in the beauty of our luxe tissue box holder and applied the same cutting and gluing principles; simply trace around the item you want to cover, cut it out and glue it onto the wood with a glue stick (it’s surprisingly easy). We mismatched the drawer designs so that there was a colour story happening and painted the outside white. For the pencil holder, we used paper inspired by vintage book pages to cover it.

All in all the simplicity is what makes these items; nothing too fussy, easy to put together and enough personality to make our space feel like ours completely. Give it a go and cover your own items – it’s a weekend project that’ll produce longterm results!


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