We’re a Bit in Love with Bird Ornaments

It wasn’t until our friends came over to our respective houses and commented on it that we realised our homes were inundated with bird ornaments. It seemed to happen organically over time, but these ceramic pieces obviously speak to the fact that birds are big when it comes to interior decorating.

We’ve each paid anything from a few bucks to more than we’d care to admit on some of these gems but as we’re sure you’ll know, you can find birds in just about any homewares store. Discount stores actually have some very opulent looking ones (and we always love a look that can be created for less!).

A few bring back lovely memories as they are unique travel finds and we love sharing our little collection in the events that we style. They help set such a cheery, calming mood to a space and really do bring a sense of chirpiness from outside to indoors.

Have a look at just some of the bird ornaments we’ve picked up on our homewares journey. From ceramic to stone and everything in between, these pretty creatures really add special something to a home. And while many other animals seem to come and go, the bird just transcends time. Let us know if you’ve gotten your hands on one (or a dozen – which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with!).

6 thoughts on “We’re a Bit in Love with Bird Ornaments

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