H&D Home with Heart; Mosman

Our first Home with Heart – a dwelling that encompasses so much of what Hillary & Dijon is about – had to be that of our good friend Jack Colwell.

Situated in the North Sydney suburb of Mosman, one step inside this home is all you need to realise that it is full of the things that mean so much to Jack (and appeal to our creative side); namely literature, artwork and music (in fact, a stunning piano is the first thing that hits you as you enter the house).


The decor is an eclectic mix of old world charm and modern touches. Sun seeps into the living areas as light bounces off absolutely amazing antique mirrors. Unique artworks captivate you, while knick-knacks cosy up to one another on mantles. The home has a great way of bringing the outside in – something we’re very fond of – with an oversized pot holding a huge bunch of branches in the lounge room; little duck ornaments dangle from the twigs.


It seems somewhat effortless yet the elements of this home just work. Keepsakes are put out with minimal thought but the mismatched nature of them comes together perfectly; the old doesn’t fight with the new and they coexist in perfect harmony.


Inside Jack’s bedroom, where light is a little more scarce, there is a homely old-world charm. His love for all things arty has been allowed to flourish. The walls are adorned with memories; photos, posters, plates and so much more. A vintage sideboard sits beside a stack of magazines and houses all of Jack’s trinkets; the babushka dolls caught our eye and we absolutely love them.


The exterior is just as beautiful as the interior. Rabbits can often be seen in garden of an afternoon and a glorious water feature on the deck just cements our adoration for this home. One where old lives with new, art is well and truly in the forefront and where clustering really makes all the difference.



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