Mini Cupcakes with Lemon Cheesecake Frosting

This is part three of a four-part H&D transformation of the simple butter cake. A cake that has been around for decades and is the perfect ‘canvas’ for some experimental and edible art. I’m taking this humble little treat and showing you five really simple ways to make it very decadent.

Part Three: Mini Cupcakes with Lemon Cheesecake Frosting

We’re taking a slight swerve off the path and into cupcakes for this butter cake transformation. These delightful bitesized cupcakes are a perfect little treat with a coffee or as an alternative to a full sized cake when you’re entertaining a larger group. The simple butter cake base is a lovely, simple foundation for the zingy kick of the lemon cheesecake frosting.


This makes approximately 35 mini cupcakes.

  • Butter cake mix that comes with icing as well. You can get these from any grocery store (each packet specifies its own additional ingredients & quantities similar to this)

  • 100g of cream cheese
  • 1/3 cup of lemon juice
  • 1 sachet of gelatin
  • 1 icing piping bag


  1. Make the butter cake batter, however instead of pouring it into a cake tin, spoon the batter evenly into mini cupcake trays that are lined with cupcake papers. Fill the batter two thirds of the way up of each paper cup. These need much less time to bake and should be ready in about 15 minutes when the top is golden brown. Then leave to cool.
  2. Make the icing mix as outlined on the packet
  3. Whip the cream cheese and add to the icing mix. Stir till well combined
  4. Heat the lemon juice in the microwave till hot and then quickly mix in the gelatin powder. Slowly pour the lemon gelatin mix into the cream cheese icing mix, stirring quickly.
  5. Spoon the icing mix into a piping bag and swirl onto the cupcakes. Put into the fridge for an hour or two till the icing mixture sets.

You can make these cupcakes a day before, just keep then in the fridge in an airtight container. Serve them on a tiered cupcake stand for guests to pick at, arrange them on a platter with a few icing or real flowers. They are just perfect size for a child’s party or to complete a decadent high tea spread.

However you decide to serve them up, they are sure to delight!

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Take a look through the recipes category for other butter cake transformation ideas and more quick, easy and decadent sweet treats.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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