From Old Find to Bedside

Now we know what you’re thinking; collecting other peoples rejects doesn’t quite feel right. But trust us, it really puts the notion of ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ into practice. And when you get past the icky feeling and realise that it’s not so bad, you’ll come to see that second hand finds are all your Christmases come at once!

A friend was going to throw this table out onto the roadside for council cleanup but we offered to take it and saved it from it’s roadside demise. Look in your garage, check with friends to see if they’re throwing away furniture or head to a garage sale. These kinds of finds are everywhere and the more you reuse the less that’ll end up as landfill!

Admittedly, not everything you’ll encounter is a goldmine waiting to be uncovered. People aren’t throwing some stuff out for nothing. But there will be gems – like the ones in this post – that with the littlest splash of paint will have new life injected into them.

This find was a dirty, rundown, brown side table when we found it. But after a very light sand and a splash of black and white paint, it looks perfect as a bedside table with a real French vintage feel. You’d never know to look at it that it was once tossed aside for the scrapheap (and just think of the life it has led).

Finding the right balance between old and new when decorating these items is important. Because the bedside is older and repurposed, the dressing of it needs to be carried out with a modern approach. We’ve used a gold candle holder, vase and fresh flowers to balance out the look, and a few magazines finishes it off perfectly.

Give it a go – just once – and see if you find yourself hooked on repurposing old finds. Send us a picture of your own revamped pieces and spread the refurb love!


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