A Simple IKEA Stool Refurb

We are constantly singing the praises of IKEA for not only the affordability of their furniture but the ease of which you can completely customise so many of their items to make them your own.

This little project is a transformation that is so easy you’ll want to make them for friends and family once you’re done. It is the refurbing of a stool we like to call Oddvar, which you’ll be able to find for around $20 from any IKEA store. And keep in mind that these transformation principles are universal and will work with many second-hand stools, so never fear if you can’t get your hands on this one!

The stool itself is a simple four legged one and features a hardwearing solid wood material. For those of you living in studios or spaces with little room to spare, this item  is completely versatile and can act as a place to rest your feet, pop your books, become a side table by your bed or, of course, as a stool to sit on.

Take a look at our picture gallery and witness the journey of Oddvar from raw to refurbed. It’s really as easy as choosing your fave paint colour, marrying it with a matching material, adding a layer of foam (available at any craft store) and stapling it in place. It won’t take more than a few hours to complete (including paint dry time) so you’re totally set to give it a go this weekend!

Let us know if you’ve done something similar or made Oddvar your own!

3 thoughts on “A Simple IKEA Stool Refurb

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