Stay Organised with a DIY Craft Wall

We’re running out of room! Our craft bits and pieces have been slowly creeping into every room of our house. We’re talking felt pieces in the fruit basket, rolls of ribbon in the cutlery draw, stacks of home wares magazines in the laundry…

If not for our own sanity then for the safety of family and friends, we set ourselves on a mission to create some extra storage before a stray thumb tack or craft scissor makes an unintended attack!

We wanted to create some mobile storage that we could easily move around the house but that could be put away out of sight when not in use. Since floors space is a premium for us and our cupboards already filled up to avalanche-able-ness, we glanced around our room and the only bare areas we could see was some wall space.

And so was born the H&D Craft Wall

It’s a handy little creation indeed and serves all our crafty needs, we can move it from room to room easily and when not in use and it can just be stored vertically behind a door or under a bed or sofa.


  • 12mm thick plywood to the size you can fit when leaned against your wall space (and tucked away behind your door). Your local hardware stores should be able to cut it down to size for you.
  • Hanging rails, wire baskets, wire, metal ‘S’ hooks, wire magazine holders, (we got all of these from Ikea, look in the kitchen section)
  • Paint – sample pot size is fine in whatever colour you like
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill


The amount of baskets, rails and hooks really depends on the size and shape of what you want to display and store. We had an assortment of sewing threads that we simply popped into an old pasta sauce jar. Some smaller beads and embellishments we put into sectioned plastic boxes that fit into the wire magazine holders, we tied up a stack of fabric samples with ribbon and hung from a hook, ribbon reels were threaded through the center with wire and hung up.

Once you paint the plywood, lay it flat and arrange the items on it before you screw them in so you can move everything around a few times and make the best use of the space. Then simply screw all the items in. Remember to pre-drill your screw holes so that the plywood doesn’t crack.

We managed to pack a lot into our wall, and more importantly everything is easily accessible, mobile and visible. We move it outside for some crafts in the sun and on cooler days, it is propped up next to us in front of the heater. If crafting items don’t resonate with you then try the wall with kitchen, bathroom, home office or outdoor items.

This whole project cost under $50 and in this case, necessity really was the mother of invention. We have some bare space in each room and behind a few more doors, so we could give our first craft wall a few more siblings… right?!

We hope this little creation comes in as handy for you as it has for us!

:: Updated 25th November, 2014 ::

Of course, a gift wrap station!

gift wrap station courtesy of

We saw this picture in a catalogue from Domayne and thought about how perfect our craft wall would be as a gift wrap station.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi


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