Drinks Tray; Father’s Day Gift Idea!

Dads can be notoriously hard to buy for – men in general actually. Most of us are often at a loss as to what to buy for the men in our lives. After exhausting the obvious options like tools, sporting memorabilia, socks and jocks, you’re left with very few options when Father’s Day rolls around.

Thankfully a drinks tray is a very nifty idea.

Add a Vintage Ice Bucket for Masculine Effect

Not only do many dads like unwinding with a drink, but it’s a gift you can put together yourself and tailor it to your dad’s style and his taste in alcohol – totally personalised!

We’re big fans of mixing and matching old with new, so we’ll always recommend looking in second-hand stores for a vintage tray to place your glassware on. If the vintage vibe is not to your dad’s liking, major department stores will have modern trays you can use.

To decorate your tray, consider what your dad likes to drink. Is he a cocktail man? If so, consider some martini glasses and a cocktail shaker. If he’s into scotch, you can find some beautiful bottles and scotch glasses (both old and new) in shops or antique stores. If he’s a red wine kinda guy, a large decanter will look lovely atop an old tray. Or you could make a bottle of sangria for him.

Mix in some coasters, an ice bucket, bottle opener and personalise further with a pile of some of his favourite old books… and you have the perfect Father’s Day gift in the bag (or on the tray)!

Surangi - The Cloud9 Project.
Need some more Father’s Day ideas? This post on masculine decorating might help!

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