Easy Beach Inspired Decorating

Choosing just one decorating theme for your home can be a bit of a restrictive trap at times, especially if the vibe you end up choosing is quite extreme or obvious. So mix up your themes a little and shift things around with the seasons to keep it all looking fresh.

The beach theme is a calm and subtle one that for many of us will conjure up lovely memories of seaside holidays. The key to successfully achieving this look is to steer clear of all the common beach theme traps and avoid being too literal. Namely, avoid fish, water, sand and all the other obvious things people tend to veer toward when trying to achieve a seaside look.

Instead, let colour and texture do the work for you. For a beach theme, think of blues, whites, beiges and even certain greens and yellows as your colour scheme. In essence, you want to use all the natural colours you would see if you went to the beach (so steer clear of reds, purples, black, dark brown and pink). Bringing the outside in is another great way to channel nature and the feeling of being outdoors (feeling the ocean breeze through your hair, the warm sun giving you a sun-kissed glow as you sip on a cheeky cocktail… ok we’re getting a tad carried away).

Glass bottles in similar hues and mixed textures conjure up sea-weathered glass, time-worn ocean buoys and can even inject a water-like hue especially if teamed with some distressed or aged wood to mimic driftwood. Either an irregular cluster of smaller mismatched glass vases and candle holders or big statement one can add a lovely addition to a beach-inspired space.

Texture will also help to add some beachy charm. Look for throws and cushions for your couch made from natural fibres and choose place mats for your table made from wicker, seagrass and the like. A lampshade in these tones can instantly inject some casual beach warmth as they mimic those of fishing baskets and nets. Just keep thinking of natural tones and textures and you can’t go wrong (but by all means avoid shells!). If you can find an old and weathered ladder made from wood or bamboo this too can look lovely to string a few textured pieces from.

Metallics are also good to use as accessories against a blue or white table. Again, think of the shimmer and shine you see on the water at the beach and keep channeling that vibe. Succulents are another great way to add some seaside feel to your home and are really low maintenance. Pops of white will make maximum impact when mixed with complimentary tones and a few light-coloured birds here and there can’t hurt either (you know we’re absolute suckers for a bird ornament!).

Have a look at our pictures of decor ideas and beach scenes to get a feel for how you can pull off this easy and versatile theme. With the weather getting warmer across Australia, it’s the perfect time to start injecting some beachy vibes through your home. For our friends elsewhere in the world where it may be starting to get cooler, this look can visually warmth up your space to ride out the winter in style!

6 thoughts on “Easy Beach Inspired Decorating

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