H&D Home with Heart; Newtown

Located in the inner west of Sydney, Newtown is a lovely and bohemian pocket with a unique blend of all things unconventional and colourful. One can indulge in a sophisticated cocktail or expensive wine, sip on an organic fair trade latte and watch the world go by, have a messy kebab, watch a show at the theatre or have a meal from one of the many international cuisines on offer throughout the popular main eat-street. Vintage, ethnic and tribal stores are scattered along the way for lovely old books, vintage fashion and quirky home wares…. and it’s in this hustle and bustle that we find our next ‘H&D Home with Heart’.

Vy is a young professional who has set up home in this suburb, which mirrors her own bohemian style. She is well travelled, loves her coffee, is passionate about her causes and loves to entertain family and friends.

We visited Vy on a cold and rainy day, but as soon as we stepped into her home there was a lovely warmth that resonated throughout her apartment; the waft of a pot of coffee brewing and sweet treats from the kitchen. There is a big and inviting lounge  area that is the focal room, decorated casually with an assortment of colourful tribal, industrial and vintage pieces against a neutral pallet. We sink into the big comfy sofa to pause momentarily before the camera comes out. There is a creative excitement in the air which we are trying to contain… we already know how lovely this blog is going to be.

Bright pops of colour from travel finds, local stores and family pieces work together in a lovely interplay. Two smaller tables are stacked together to make them the perfect height for resting your mug. A lovely rope lamp is a statement piece with nautical undertones when coupled with a bowl filled with pebbles and a tea light candle. Hand painted coasters from an artisan in Turkey, and hammered copper accents are reminders of past adventures.


Directly facing the couch is a lovely turquoise three-part artwork of a retro VW combivan (a very common sight in Newtown) that is softly illuminated by a vintage style floor lamp nearby. One of her largest walls features a simple frame by a local artist that contains recent and old family photos that are held to the frame by some simple twine and wooden pegs. On the opposite wall, she brings the outside in by framing a lovely old mirror with some large and dramatically side-swept twigs.



The cushion clusters on Vy’s lounge are a combination of bright, knitted warmth and more subdued ethnic prints on soft cotton. The neutral ottoman is covered in a rich green throw which provides the perfect canvas for her large, textured, organic fabric cushions. Two of the cushions have prints – one of a faded postcard and the other simply printed “expresso” – both subliminal purchases that actually point directly to her love of travel and coffee. Isn’t it funny how homes with heart are such a lovely reflection on their owners and sometimes in such an unintentionally and uncontrived way?


A sunny balcony is such a bonus in popular, high density suburbs and Vy is certainly making the most of it with an assortment of plants and herbs that soften the brickwork and add a homely touch as well as a serene area to enjoy her daily morning coffee from. She would however like create a more ‘zen’ outdoor space, so has enlisted H&D for a balcony transformation (we’ve accepted the challenge of course and will keep you posted as soon as the transformation is complete!).

In her bedroom there is a lovely, big, repurposed hessian ‘feed’ bag hung on a Balinese carved armchair. It is a fundraising purchase that reflects her passion in worldly causes as well as her love of all things natural and organic, as do her recycled wood bedside lamps. Her bedspread is kept neutral in navy blue which highlights the softer feminine touches of the scatter of silk pillows in oriental and ethnic prints.


Her spare room often houses guests and is an inviting white backdrop of natural cushions, bedspread and practical shelving. A big mirror and vintage bedside lamp both bounce the light around the room. A sweet, colourful little piece on a white shelf is the perfect item for guests to put their trinkets in and makes for a lovely little splash of colour. She really has thought of everything a guest could need.


Finally the kitchen, her fridge acts as a mood board with collections of vintage style fridge magnets that hold party invitations, inspirational quotes and pictures of friends and family. When it comes to kitchen functionality though, aside from a few spurts of motivated baking, Vy confesses that the kitchen is a place where she ‘assembles’ rather than cooks, per se. But we’re certainly not complaining as she presents us with her loot of lovely pastries and decadent slices from her favourite local cafes which are just at her doorstep.


Does your home have heart? Try and work your causes, travel memories and inspiration into your home and it will ooze comfort for yourself and leave your guests with such a warm and inviting experience.

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