H&D Styling; A Vintage 21st Birthday

H&D Event Styling; Indi’s Vintage inspired 21st Birthday

Gone are the days where the one and only purpose of a 21st was a general booze-fest. The young adults of the world today seem to have a more discerning taste in how they want to celebrate. They have their own sense of style, are more conscious of reusing and recycling and we love working with them. So when Indi asked for our help with her 21st we were more than happy to assist.

We worked with the blank canvas of the venue to create a cosy, comfortable space with vintage glamour. Very few of the styling needed to be purchased new, as in true H&D fashion we used pieces from our own collection of all things re-purposed, recreated and re-invented, travel finds and some of our own creations.

Since there were going to be close to a hundred guests, we decided to create different, inviting and comfortable zones that flowed easily from one to another in the big open-plan space.

A terrace area that was arranged with casual wrought iron garden furniture and pops of colour from bright cushions. A coffee table casually featured some flowers, vintage books (some of Indi’s favorite novels) and some ornaments that set the tone for guests entering the venue.

A very cosy, inviting lounge area formed one of the focal zones with a comfortable big sofa, a formal French armchair and a large shabby-chic lampshade creating a very relaxed, vintage homely scene and doubled as a ‘photo booth’ area, which produced some lovely candid photos that Indi will cherish for years to come.

A long dining table area was set up with a centrepiece of vintage inspired, mismatched candles teamed with bouquets of flowers in lace-metal holders. For a winter event, they added a sweet and warm scent through the air and created a lovely ambient glow.

An elegant food and drink table was a focal point of the room for guests to walk over to throughout the event and sample an array of delicious sweet treats, savory finger foods and home made cocktails and iced teas.

The cake and cupcake display was made by H&D (complete with hand made icing roses which we made ourselves!) and these bite-sized cupcakes were certainly a total hit with the crowd. It also visually tied into the colours of the fresh flowers, the rest of the event styling as well as to Indi’s gorgeous dress.

H&D also created another talking point of the day – the ‘message in a bottle’ – a creative alternative to the traditional guest book which is usually read once and put away. Alongside the message in a bottle, we had another H&D feature for party favors. We’ll elaborate on these ideas in separate posts coming soon!

The best part of the day for H&D was putting together an event that Indi loved.

“Thank you so much to H&D for creating such an amazing 21st for me. It was everything I wanted and more, from the invitations to the cake, the GORGEOUS styling on the day and the photographs which captured everything so well. For the amount of guests, you managed to make it such an intimate event. You took the time to understand me and you managed to reflect me perfectly. I had an amazing time and so did all my guests who were pleasantly overwhelmed at how lovely everything looked, tasted and flowed. I remain one of your biggest fans, always!

Love, Indi xx

Thank you Indi for letting us style your 21st. We wish you all the very best, you gorgeous young lady!

If you would like us to work with you on styling for your event, please contact us. Whether your event is big or small, we’d love to help make your special occasion unique and personal.

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