H&D Balcony Transformation; Newtown

If you live in or close to any major city, then you’re most likely an apartment dweller. And if you’re blessed with having any outdoor space like a balcony, it’s a travesty not to use it to its full potential!

We recently did a H&D Home With Heart; Newtwon, where we captured an amazing apartment. However we did notice (and the owner confessed) that while the inside of her apartment was complete, she was at a loss as to what to do with her balcony, especially since she thought that a big budget was required for the wish list she had in her head.



The brief was that she wanted a space to entertain friends as well as a place for her to relax in. She also wanted something nice to look out onto, instead of just a sea of brickwork (especially since she had two sliding doors as exit points to the balcony). Importantly, she wanted to do it on a shoestring budget of under $400; a concept other stylists may dread, but a challenge we were keen to embrace.

We got creative and injected a little H&D signature style into her small space with some big results, managing to make the balcony look larger than when it was bare. We paid appropriate homage to the industrial and eclectic suburb we were working in and the owner’s specific taste. Suffice to say, she was thrilled with the additional seating, cosy feel and functionality, decorator items and pops of colour.

We always think green at H&D regardless of budget, using our trademark repurposing approach to tick off everything in the brief and managing to get it all under budget. We achieved this with an original H&D artwork tailored to suit her space and style, some clever potting of low maintenance plants like succulents into old jam jars and fruit tins, as well as reusing items that the owner had in their home already (like the amazing turquoise bowl – a travel find from Turkey).

We also visited a salvage yard to get some recycled wood and second hand items like the rusted metal trunk from our local weekend markets – an amazing find that mirrors the same turquoise tones of an artwork she has indoors. It also provided extra storage inside and a base for some of her favourite plants, not to mention a large pot we used for a simple water feature (which the owner thought was financially out of our scope). We simply added some castor wheels to the base of the trunk to make it portable.

Newtown Balcony Transformation - making the most of your outdoor space with custom artwork, repurposed items and pops of colour

Check out all the photos from the project in this gallery:

We also used clever styling to achieve aesthetically pleasing yet functional design that is very applicable to both owners and renters – nothing you see here is fixed down and permanent!

“I’m love-love-loving my balcony transformation! You’ve exceeded my expectations, came in under budget and did it all in under four hours! I love the artwork, colours, everything. I’m convinced you inched my balcony outwards because it actually looks so much larger and I’ve since entertained 10 people comfortably in that space! I love sitting there with a coffee in the morning, having lunch with friends on a sunny day and entertaining with cocktails at night. I’m so appreciative and incredibly impressed!  Plus, I got to have cuddles with the adorable H&D Baby too (the real Project Manager). Love, Vy xx”

We loved working with you and giving you the space you wanted. We’re sure you’ll get a lot more use out of the space now that we’re heading into spring in Sydney!

If you’d like some H&D magic for your space, event or function, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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