Easy Masculine Decorating Tips

With Father’s day fast approaching, it’s time to consider some more masculine decorating options and tip the usually balanced H&D scales slightly towards the testosterone side.

Though furniture and home wares stores, lifestyle shows and magazines generally seem to under-represent the more masculine side of things, we’re going to show you how to get this look just right.

But firstly, let’s get the nasties out of the way and list the stuff you really need to steer away from. Our version of masculine decorating does not mean beer cans, stubby holders and sporting memorabilia like large framed sporting jerseys (unless it’s vintage in nature, in which case anything goes really!). Also steer clear of over-using blue, and instead opt for a more subtle and blended use of blue in different hues, textures and patterns. And please no souvenir shot glasses on display; we want to steer well clear of regressing back into the ghastly eighties and early nineties imagery of the mullet-wielding alpha male.

Instead, channel the modern, sophisticated man of today (minus the sophisticated price tag). Use industrial, nautical and vintage themes and keep the colour palettes subdued with backdrops of greys, dark browns and whites which work well with masculine highlights. Accent pieces like vintage books together with ornaments of things like scooters and retro phones in matt or metallic finishes add a nice touch with subtle masculine vibes.

The hotel vibe
A good tip for masculine decorating is to look the styling of high-end hotels. They seem to play more to the masculine vibe most of the time and are a great source of inspiration to translate into your space. You don’t need a big budget to get this achievable look – just use the right colours.

Vintage Finds
Op shops, flea markets, ebay, home wares stores, keepsakes and travel finds are the usual sources, but you may be surprised to learn that local markets are a great place to find some amazing vintage finds for masculine decorating. We’re talking vintage tools and tool boxes, cigar cases, bottles, whiskey flasks, suitcases and cigarette tins. These make fantastic gifts and also great decorator items.

Drinks at the lodge
Alcohol on display can be a really good way to bring some strong masculine energies to a space, however if you’re catering for a more sophisticated look then try out a more sporting lodge type display – think smokey, smouldering fire, a glass of scotch, cigar and a walls of wine racks. Just repurpose what you have or look for similar items second hand. You can’t go wrong with a drinks tray.

You could also go nautical with some beach-inspired accents that mimic things like fishing rope, maps, ships, boats, ocean buoys, fishing baskets and anchors, mismatched clusters of lanterns and glass bottles in blue and green hues – all very masculine vibes.

The industrial look is definitely a winner with rusty accents, weathered woods and oversized lamps.

Go retro
The retro look can be discerningly masculine when wooden furniture with strong lines are combined with pops of colourlike yellow and some quirky accents. Retro elements like a side board can really complete his space – especially if he is lucky enough to have a man cave

Apartment Therapy; Storeroom to Man Cave - games room, bar, lounge

UK themed items are also a very manly design statement, and many stores have a variation of the flag every season because it continues to be favourite trend.

Most men have a few items in their cupboards which they have never thought of displaying, but these items can usually be brought out and displayed really effortlessly and practically – sunglasses, watches, cologne bottles, ties and anold ladder is the perfect home for displaying these items whilst making them practical and accessible for everyday use.

So whether you are a man, with a man, want to be a man, want to be with a man… or just want an alternative decorating style to the mainstream looks, consider injecting some masculine decor into your space.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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