Our Favourite Second Hand Finds

It should come as no surprise to you that we’re a little bit in love with vintage and second hand furniture and decorating – for our own homes, as gifts for friends and family and also for the events that we style. We’re often wandering through local weekend markets, second hand shops or having regular trawls through ebay in the hunt for our next unique design piece.

The one-off quality of these finds is probably what we’re drawn to the most. While people who are into fashion love one-off dresses or bags, we homewares obsessed folk get a real kick out of coming across something we know we won’t find in someone elses house.

Admittedly, sometimes one person’s trash is another person’s trash; you really have to sort through a lot of homewares horror at times to discover a really beautiful accessory, piece of art or amazing bit of furniture. But it really is worth it when you come across some truly unique treasure.

Not only is the one-off appeal a real drawcard, but so is the price of a lot of these items. Some pieces we’ve come across were under $20 but have really added some wow factor to our respective homes. And we’re always of the thinking that mixing and matching new and old as well as inexpensive and pricey is the key to achieving a really well-balanced home.

Some of the pieces – like the rustic ladder or the wine rack – friends were throwing out. Thank God we got our hands on them before they hit the scrapheap. And better yet – they were free!

Have a look at some of the things we’ve picked up along the way and hopefully you’ll take a little inspiration from them for your own place!

One thought on “Our Favourite Second Hand Finds

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