Splurge on a Statement Armchair

Armchairs are a fantastic way of adding a defining touch to a room, so if you see one you like you should make a little splurge – it’s the statement piece that can set the tone of the whole room.

Having said that, you may get lucky and stumble upon a second hand find that has the same impact but not the high price tag. Regardless of where you source it from, make it stand out and contrasts with the rest of your room.

Take a look at some of our favourite statement armchairs:

Try adding a statement chair that contrasts with the rest of your room: If your space is more formal and traditional then try a modern armchair with simple, clean lines. If your room has a neutral base, then try adding a pop of colour with a bright armchair in a shade that you wouldn’t have previously considered. If you have a crisp and modern living space, then mix it up with a traditional, rustic french country piece with the classic ‘Louis’ design.

The retro look is also in abundance at the moment, with the designs that synonymous with the Parker Eames era. Art deco is also on its way back and it is one of the few looks that can pull off bold and busy floral prints (which can ordinarily be a bit of styling sin if overdone). Take a look at our post on Sterling Salon if you’re after some Art Deco inspiration – it’s a haven for it.

Place your statement armchair in a low traffic space so that it can be featured without too many obstructions (it needs to be gazed at from any angle!). Try beside a fire place, next to or in front of a shelf or in a bare corner next to a side table and lamp shade.

The statement armchair is a design splurge but if you’re taking the effort to source a piece, then definitely make sure it is comfy and inviting too. Dress it up with a contrasting textured throw, some nice cushions a matching or mismatched foot stool, a newspaper/magazine holder near by, light a candle. Although, some are statement enough without needing any of these extras.

Try and team up your statement armchair with a floor lamp directly behind or beside it. Plus a small pile of old books close by creates a little story of comfort – the perfect finishing touch to turning your statement piece into a warm and inviting addition to any room.

Get splurging and if you find the chair of your dreams, EMAIL US in a photo and we’ll feature it here.
Hillary and Dijon - Surangi
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