Weekend Fun; A Morning at the Markets


With a little 8 month old in the Cloud9 team, there are no sleep-ins these days and weekends seem to bring out even more of the morning mischievousness in little Miss. But we’ve made the most of our early rises and have settled into a weekend routine that works out well for everyone in the family – an early morning wander through our local weekend markets.

Local markets are a mecca for a quick and delicious breakfast, a nice brew of coffee and a slow wander through many stalls of cute, quirky and inexpensive items for everyone in the family. Even hubby ended up with quite a loot for himself in one of our first excursions.

As well as preloved homewares and furniture, there are also local growers who bring in their fresh and locally grown produce. It’s such a nicer alternative to grocery stores and over-packaged perfect looking produce. There is also a range of unique handmade crafts on display and you can score some really nice plants from people who run little home nurseries.

Every week is a new selection, so it is best to go with an open mind and not something specific you are after. But guaranteed, you will find at least one quirky item that you love at each visit. You’ll only end up spending some loose change on it, and the adventure of the markets will kick start your weekend with a very creative jump start.

We hope we’ve inspired you to explore your local markets for some pre-loved treasures.

– Surangi

12 thoughts on “Weekend Fun; A Morning at the Markets

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