Basket Storage

We are quite literally basket cases for some Spring cleaning and this season we’ve enlisted the help of some very simple solutions; the humble basket.

Humble as they may be, they come in range of different colours, shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find a few for any item that you are looking to store. There are some lovely large ones in shops right now and they are perfect for cushions, heavy blankets and throws that you want to put away as the seasons change.


Smaller ones are great for holding trinkets and some make great serving platters too. Irregular sized baskets are great on display as well as being functional so if you see a few that you like then cluster them together for some casual storage.


Raw wicker baskets can be painted in different colours or stained with a tinted varnish. The ones that already have a gloss finish can be spray painted in bright pops of colour or metallic finishes.

In the kitchen, some bright and fresh produce always finds a comfortable and breathable home in a basket. They really do look so natural like they’ve just been gathered them from a farm yourself. A few bottles of wine in baskets similarly gives off a ‘fresh from the vineyards’ vibe. Try a combination of the two for a picnic spread. You don’t necessarily have to be outdoors as a spread like this works well just casually placed on the coffee table.


Succulents and other small plants and herbs look great in a basket and the fantastic thing is that you can move the basket in and out of the sun as needed, as well as moving the whole thing into the kitchen when it is time to add a few herbs to your meals.


The smaller boxy baskets are perfect in shelves to organise some of the clutter.


Pop a few face towels, soaps and scents in a basket for the bathroom and bits of jewelry on display with perfume in a basket is lovely for a bedroom dressing table.

We have several baskets worth of crafty bits in our homes – knitting, paper crafts, embellishments, ribbon – and each night a different basket gets pick up and moved to the big, comfy sofa for some wind down creating before bed (yes, we’re are clearly party animals here at H&D).


The best thing about baskets is that they come in so many sizes and shapes, plus they are really inexpensive and available just about everywhere. Try discount and hardware shops as well as homewares stores.


Take a look at some of our pictures to help you pick a few out for your Spring clean.

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