Repurposed Toolbox

One of our dad’s was going to throw away an old toolbox and we just had to save it! Don’t people know not to throw these things away when in our presence?

As well as providing great storage, we had a simple vision for it and when it all came together, it didn’t disappoint.

The box was sturdy but it did have some wear and tear which didn’t put us off the project at all. We used some left over foam and paint from another project, a $4 hessian sack from the green grocer and four castor wheels for $2 each from the hardware store to create a very simple storage solution for our entry hallway..

It’s great near the front door under a big window. We throw down and pick up our everyday items like keys, scarves and bags on it and have a quick sit down there to pop our shoes on and off.

We are well aware that this isn’t a masterpiece, but its charm is in its simplicity and functionality. It is a little rough around the edges, the handles are a tad rusty (it was a toolbox after all), however it is comfortable, practical and also stores all our bulkier outdoorsy items in it like umbrellas, picnic rugs, gum boots etc without cluttering the front door.

Since it’s on wheels and has large and sturdy handles, we can also easily move it outside or around the house for some extra seating when guests arrive and you can pop a tray on it and use it as a coffee or side table too.

Get your repurposing goggles on and create the things you need and want for your home.

– Surangi

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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