Katelyn’s Handmade Birthday Party

In a time when everything can be bought, hired or outsourced, it is really nice to go back to basics by taking the time and spending the energy to create a really special occasion for a loved one. One lucky little girl has a mummy who put together a very special third birthday for her recently and H&D were so excited to be a part of Katelyn’s ‘handmade’ third birthday.

It’s the little things that make an occasion so warm and full of heart and yes, all the ‘little things’ do add up to quite a few hours of creating by the person taking up the challenge – in this case, Katelyn’s mummy.

The alchemy of ideas torn from magazines, thoughts scribbled down in notebooks and recipes downloaded from websites for months leading up to the day, start to create a busy buzz in the kitchen from the early hours of the morning before and continue well into the night. There are melted chocolate splatters in the kitchen and the smell of cookies baking waft through the whole house.

It’s a happy energy, it’s definitely exhausting but you cheerfully get through it because you know it’s going to give someone you love a lifetime of special memories.

Katelyn’s birthday is at a park on a beautiful first day of spring in Sydney and the sunshine streams through. There is even a skywriter that draws a happy face in the clear blue sky above (a very happy coincidence but Katelyn is chuffed nevertheless). The preparation pays off as all the creative ideas that floated around for months suddenly come to life as a mob of happy little faces and sticky fingers go crazy for the sweet, colourful, sprinkled treats.

The ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur’ cake is the result of hours of perfecting some chocolate moulding techniques, and it’s all worth it as Katelyn’s eyes light up in glee over the fact that it’s a sweet version of her very favorite character. She tells her friends with an adorably cute air of slight smugness and utter pride that “my Mummy made it!”.

There are some really simple yet thoughtful additions like a Dorothy piñata that has the children lining up with uncontainable anticipation. When it gets its fatal blow, the kids have swooped underneath it before the first lolly hits the ground.

The day rolls on with family including grandparents, a great-grandpa, babies, toddlers, tweens, teens, old friends and new. Though the party is for a three year old, we’re all having a great time and in sync on the same sugar high en mass. As the kids work their sugar hit off on the play equipment at the park there are one or two expected kiddie tantrums and a momentary stream of tears, but many many more cuddles and laughs all round.

So here’s a H&D cheer to all the people out there that love to make moments into special occasions for their loved ones. The everyday heroes that slave away quietly to bring an event together – for no other reason than to see a smile, hear a little chuckle and create some very special memories.

2 thoughts on “Katelyn’s Handmade Birthday Party

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