H&D Home with Heart; Chippendale

Located in the inner west of Sydney, Chippendale is known for its eclectic mix of local pubs and eateries. A stones throw away from busy Broadway shopping centre and just a short walk to Surry Hills, you really have everything within easy reach, making this suburb ideal for city dwellers who like to socialise.

Bec has been living in this Chippendale terrace for a few years now and her love of colour – particularly red – is evident the moment you step in the door. As anyone who lives in a terrace will know – natural light is often limited, so Bec opens doors and windows where possible and lets lamps do the rest.


Her love of music and cooking is scattered throughout her home. When we walked in for our shoot, scones had just come out of the oven and the smell was wafting through the place. Bec loves to make food from scratch and we were more than happy to oblige in taste testing her latest creation. She also made some jam to accompany the scones (check out the recipe here) and needless to say, they were a hit!


The best part of this whole home has to be the scattered decorator elements. Nothing is done in a way that seems too planned – and the craftiness of it all just works (buttons on walls and hanging garlands are two of our faves, not to mention the Jenga game display). Repurposing items has also played a big part – Bec uses an old champagne bucket to hold kitchen utensils.


The kitchen is the hub of this home. While the front room houses a red couch, drum kit and a retro phone table and lamp that Bec picked up from a vintage store, the back of the terrace is where all the action happens. The kitchen walls are painted bright red and really contrast nicely against the hardwood floors. Original artwork made by a friend is scattered all over the home.


A set of French doors opens up onto a rustic courtyard, making this area a perfect spot for spring entertaining. We’ve had the pleasure of a champagne brekkie in this courtyard before and it’s absolutely beautiful in warm weather!

Fruit, though not done so in an intentional way, lends itself to decorating this colourful kitchen. An orange and lemon sit atop a makeshift island to the side of the kitchen and contrast nicely against the natural table top. The stainless steel benchtops make our designer hearts flutter, while the blue and red kitchen cupboards – not to mention walls – work so well in what is a very eclectic and vibrant inner-city pad.


In the dining area, a necklace that Bec got for 20 cents sits on an old IKEA table. Its weathered look is a result of it having spent some time outside in the elements, making it a gorgeous piece that doesn’t look a bit mass produced. Before we could get into a conversation about Bec’s fondness for vintage markets, we were drawn to the other item on the table – a present wrapped in brown paper and twine that Bec purchased for a friend. Looks like the H&D brown paper tied up with string theme is really catching on!


The biggest design lesson we took from Bec’s home is that sometimes you just can’t sweat the small stuff. Her home is proof that if you love something – display it. Many of her day-to-day items act as decorations, while crafty embellishments you might not ordinarily think to use work so well and unapologetically in perfect harmony.


Try some of these ideas on your own place – we certainly plan on it!

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