Put Together a Day Spa Tray

People always say that there’s no greater gift than giving and we have to agree. We love when a friends birthday rolls around so we can package together a good little gift pack for them. If you’re anything like us, a stock standard gift from a store just won’t cut it (where’s the creativity in that?), so sourcing items from a variety of places to create one glorious present is just too exciting for words!

One such gift you can give to a special gal or guy is what we like to think of as a home day spa tray. Simply find yourself a tray (you can tweak your own version of our brekkie tray), or find a wicker one from a homewares shop and then get to work with filling it with bathroom essentials.

Here’s some of our recommendations:

  • Soap is essential. A gorgeous goats milk body soap not only evokes a sense of relaxation but it smells wonderful too.
  • A facecloth can’t hurt. Try and match the colour of the cloth to their bathroom. Better still, stack three in a square formation and tie a ribbon around them for added effect.
  • A candle is key. Splurge on a beautiful candle in a nice glass jar so they can light it and relax as they lie in the tub.
  • Bath salts or a bath bomb is a nice touch. Let’s be honest – a bath isn’t indulgent until the bubbles start to froth.
  • A loofa is another nice addition for skin exfoliation, as is a soap dispenser if you want to give them something they’ll really use.
  • A stack of rocks or some pebbles creates a real sense of serenity if you can work them in.
  • Add a final personal touch. If they’re a comical friend, pop a rubber ducky into the pack. If they love music, make them a CD of relaxing songs. And if they don’t mind a nice drop, throw in a bottle of red wine.

Trust us, it’s gifts like these that people remember, especially when it is presented beautifully and really comes straight from the heart. The next time they’re stressed after a long day at work, they’ll count their blessing they have you as a friend!


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