Display Your Everyday Items

It always strikes us as odd and a little unfortunate when we go to people’s houses and find their rooms void of anything personal. As your home is your sanctuary and the place in which your life and love exists, we’re firm believers that it should showcase your everyday items.


But alas, it’s sometimes hard to know where to draw the line or how to do it right. Admittedly, your underwear should stay firmly in your drawer, but items like fruit, for example, are perfect to put out in your kitchen in unique ways that veer away from your standard fruit bowl (or worse still, hidden away in the cupboard – those bananas need to breathe!). Even canisters, oils and various jars can look very elegant if you structure them right.


Glassware is another item that you should put out, especially in your kitchen. If you’re anything like us then you collect all sorts of glassware and mugs along the way (because one should never be restricted to just one theme, right?) or your friends often give you glassware as a gift that can be really cute when clustered with other items.


Texture is a great way to keep your home feeling warm, so if you have things like twine and yarn in your home and you use them often, don’t tuck them away! A ball of wool can be displayed nicely if you remember the rule of three and make it look appealing by clustering it with two other items. Jewellery is always a great way to keep your personal items out in your bedroom and can be showcased using a very nice jewellery display.


Books, magazines, photos, games, toys and more are all items that can be used in your home as decorative pieces. Remember, you don’t live in a show home, so let your everyday items do the talking for you and have your home evoke a real sense of heart.

7 thoughts on “Display Your Everyday Items

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