Start a Photo Frame Wall

Photos play a major part in making a home feel lived in – especially when they are of the people you love. But gone are the days of chunky and gaudy wall units displaying rows and rows of photos in propped-up frames taken on an old SLR camera (thank the powers that be for modern technology!).

There are more aesthetically please ways to display your memories and the photo frame wall is it. The beauty of this idea is that you can completely customise it in accordance with your style and colour preferences, not to mention your budget.

All you need is a collection of frames to start; go with square white frames for a clean and modern look (as we’ve done here), black frames with internal borders for a classic vibe and feel free to go wild with colour if you’re a fan of hues that pop. Curved or ornate frames will add a touch of opulence or grandeur too – and they can bring a high end look without the high end price tag.

If you’re a little OCD with ensuring things are symmetrical, you may want to invest in a spirit level and clearly mark with a pencil where your hooks will go. But as you’ll see from the pictures here, we feel this wall in particular really benefits from the casual and clustered vibe.

Hang a large frame in the middle if you have a picture you really want to make a focal point of. Otherwise, place frames randomly so that no particular photo is the star. You can also place a large frame slightly off-centre on the wall; this will still showcase it as the main piece but it won’t be too obvious and the surrounding frames will get to shine too.

So get snapping, drag out your scenic holiday pics and get hanging. You’ll see your memories daily and you’ll finally be able to say goodbye to your clunky wall unit!

5 thoughts on “Start a Photo Frame Wall

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