5 Fun Ways to Use Fabric

We’ve already shown you the magic you can create by refurbing the common IKEA stool and putting together your own mood board using fabric, not to mention lining a breakfast in bed tray. But there are so many other ways to brighten your home and add interest using fabric. Here are five creative ideas. Give them a try!

1. Funky Fruit Basket; Displaying your everyday items is a must and there’s no better way to show off your fruit than in a cute basket like this – especially with the added fabric placed in the bottom. No need to stick this down either – just lay it in and change the fabric when you get bored.

2. Pop it in a Frame; This idea is perfect for those of you who like to change up your art on a regular basis. Simply cut a piece to size and place it in a frame the same way you would a photograph. You can even marry the fabric in the frame to cushions you might have on your couch (but avoid matching them with exactly the same fabric).

3. Instant Tablecloth; If you’re having people over or are bored with your table top, throwing a nice fabric over it will instantly spruce up the look of the room. Don’t wait to find the perfect tablecloth in a store – just grab any fabric that catches your eye and use it on your table.

4. Hanging from Branches; This look is so cheap and easy to achieve by using your existing fabric offcuts. It will bring a sense of whimsy to a room and will work well if you’re looking for a casual and playful vibe. Just tie the strips to tree branches. Not only will you be bringing the outside in but you’ll make it pop as well.

5. Cover a Book; Sure, many stores sell fabulous books and journals, but there is nothing like personalising your own with your favourite fabric. It’s very reminiscent of the books we used to have in primary school – covered in contact – but a much nicer and newer version!


Let us know if you’re doing anything else with fabric that takes it out of its comfort zone and uses it in a way that’s interesting. We’d love to see some pics!

9 thoughts on “5 Fun Ways to Use Fabric

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