Coffee Table to Ottoman

I recently took this sturdy solid wood coffee table from a sad and neglected state and gave it new life as an ottoman.

It had a great frame but the top was flakey and not a salvageable surface any longer. However with some left over foam and fabric from another project and the help of a staple gun, it scrubbed up quite nicely into a chic piece of furniture. Take a look…



Whilst the distressed wood finish on top was a little too distressed to repair, the base being scratched up is not an issue in contrast to the crisp, new fabric. The shabby legs actually look like an intended paint finish.


So I urge all you H&Ders to take another look at your neglected pieces of furniture. Before discarding them, try and see the potential for a good old DIY tranformation… however sad it may look in its current state. You may have a little diamond in the rough!

Have you tried your hand at re-purposing? What did you transform and how did it scrub up?

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi
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2 thoughts on “Coffee Table to Ottoman

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