Glam up your wine carry

We’ve all been to the bottle shop and “up-sold” ourselves on the half dozen vs single bottle pricing dilemma, right? So the store provides you with a simple yet sturdy brown cardboard wine carry like this one below (aren’t they are so lovely and accommodating like that?).

Well, we managed to combine our love of wine with our keen eye for resourcefulness to…

glam up a disposable wine carry in two simple steps

  1. After you lug your wine home, and maybe after you’ve had a few glasses… grab some paint and a snippet of complimenting fabric or wrapping paper, some craft glue or spray adhesive… and put down your glass of wine (albeit momentarily).
  2. Paint the centre handle section and when it is touch-dry, cover the outer section in glue and paste on the wrapping paper or fabric (here we used fabric). Fold and stick down the centre bottle dividers if you don’t need them anymore. That’s all there is to it.

It’s a pretty versatile little carry and you know it is sturdy enough to carry around 6 bottles of wine worth of weight too. You could use it for taking wine to someone’s house, for a little picnic or gift hamper, for storing things like your cleaning products or kitchen utensils etc.

For those of you with kids, you’ll know that out of a big collection of toys, books and clothes, they only seem to like a few at a time (and want them all the time!) so pop them into the carry and you’ll have them handy and close by when heading out and about and within easy reach for ‘tantrum-time’.

Sometimes it’s the throw away “ugly duckling” items that scrub up so easily, so it’s time we got all got little more creative and green with all the disposable items in our lives. Don’t you think?

Let us know if you have some clever ways of repurposing disposable items.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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