Setting the Scene for Halloween

Along with the usual medley of ghosts, pumpkins and the like, we’ve added a vintage spin to our Halloween lunch and re-used everyday items for the spook-fest in the theme of “come as your 80 year old self to…

Welcome to Nanna's Halloween Tea Party

Witch's potion: Halloween decorating iideas
A glass jar or vase filled with red jelly creates a gluggy mix. Add some floating white candles coloured with some black circles in permanent marker to look like floating eyeballs. A candle holder in black nearby adds a cauldron-like ‘witchy chic’ look. Spray paint an old candle holder or glass jar if you don’t already have something in black.
Setting the Scene for Halloween; 5 Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas - witch's potion

Devilish: Halloween decoratin
it’s super easy to dress up your wine bottles. We just picked up a $2 halloween cat costume pack (yes, people do this to their pets!) from the discount store.
Setting the Scene for Halloween; 5 Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas - devilish wine bottles

Creepy old case: Halloween decorating iideas
Buy sweets that come in plain wrappers and draw on some scary faces. Put them in an old suitcase propped open and adorn with some spider webs (these webs come complete with spiders from the discount store for just a few dollars). Old suitcases are gold and we use them regularly for styling so if you don’t have any then keep an eye out at your local markets because they come in very handy.

Trick or trifle: Halloween decorating iideas
We love our trifle recipe because it is such a tasty and easy treat for entertaining. Just add some spooky messages with a marker to the wooden trifle spoons to add some Halloween flair.

Bloody Mirror: Halloween decorating ideas
Discount stores have packs of handprint stickers for just a dollar or two and they look great when stuck on mirrors.  If you can’t find these stickers, then just use non-toxic water based children’s paints to create some smears and handprints on your mirrors.  They are easy to get off with a damp cloth afterwards.
Setting the Scene for Halloween; 5 Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas - the bloody mirror

Halloween decorating ideas
You could easily make a sign like this from a piece of styrofoam, a knife to carve out the shape a screwdriver to make etch the letters and some black and white paint (and sponge) to dab on the different layers. Start with a black base, then a grey mix and white painted dabbed with a sponge for the top layer.
Setting the Scene for Halloween; 5 Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas
Some pops of colour through orange flowers, spiders in jars, old items like clocks set to midnight… and in our case, a little sister doing her creepiest ‘grudge’ impersonation (isn’t she convincing??)

our theme of “come as your 80 year old self” was a truly frightening snapshot into the future (no offence to the oldies!). We dusted off our doilies and channelled our inner most ‘nagging Nana’ and ‘grumpy Grandpa’ to add some extra fun to the day. Even the H&D baby got into the spirit of it.

Halloween decorating ideas

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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