An Evening with Evie: 10 tips for personalising a nursery

We didn’t have to look far for inspiration to personalise a space for one very special bubba – gorgeous newborn, Evie.

She is blissfully unaware that her Mummy has called on H&D to design her very own little corner of the world! This little bundle of cuteness as our Muse and a spare two hours one evening was all it took to give one little sweetheart her own space…

These ideas can be used in a variety of different spaces beyond the nursery and can easily be tweaked for more grown-up decorating. All the ideas are quick, simple, charming and inexpensive. Nothing is permanent so the ideas are great for renters and for those that like to switch things around more regularly.

Here are out top 10 tips for personalising a Nursery

 Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 3.30.31 PM

FInd two colours that work well together and work them into the space through different textures, shapes and elements. We chose red and grey for the nursery as it’s a much more modern take on a girl’s room rather than just sticking to a pink pallet. Plus, the room had blue walls and we couldn’t change that as the property was a rental, so we needed colours that would ‘pop’ against the backdrop. A colour match doesn’t mean everything has to fall into this pallet, it’s merely a foundation to build upon… so have fun with it.

initial it

Some spare buttons, a small snippet of fabric, some craft glue and an interesting frame was all that was needed to put this charming little piece together. Simply lay some fabric down and place the buttons on top. When you’re happy with the outline, liberally dollop some thick, clear craft glue on the buttons to past them in place (wait till glue is completely dry before hanging up the artwork or there will be button slippage). We kept the glass off so that the depth of the buttons didn’t push on it. We also added some lace ribbon to connect the frame to one of the paper butterflies. This has such handmade charm and looks great on a wall, as a stand-up frame, with fabric over a canvas or on an notebook or album cover. It’s also cute to extend the initial into a full name or inspirational quote.

candle cosy

We love ourselves a candle cosy. Check out our post on how easy it is to make one up yourself. We customised this knitted cosy with the colour match of red and grey and added some sweet little heart-shaped buttons to the front. And just like that, a simple glass jar has been transformed into a cute little custom piece. No matter what space you are revamping and regardless of the colour swatch for your project, you can make a candle cosy to fit in with the look and you can customise it with an assortment of embellishments.

comfy corner

Armchairs can be personalised into comfortable corners and statement pieces no matter how humble their beginnings. We’ve all come across a sad and weathered wicker piece like this, right? Well it’s weathered ways are actually a great foundation for a makeover (or you could even keep it looking dishevelled for that ‘distressed‘ finish). Exposure to the elements has saved us loads of time sanding the chair down, as a weathered piece like this means the manufacturer’s varnish has worn off and the painting you do will soak right in instead of flaking off. Simply give the whole thing a quick scrub to remove any dust and then dilute a chosen paint colour 50:50 with some water. Give the whole thing a colour-wash with a wide paintbrush (don’t worry about trying to get full coverage, a rustically applied affect is lovely). We used a soft grey tone called ‘comfort grey’ to contrast with the white background of the nursery furniture and cushions. We stopped at one cushion this time, but you could always cluster a few.


wall art

There are great sticky products available that allow you to get creative on your walls without marking them. We used 3M strips to stick up this cluster of butterflies across the wall. You can create these paper clusters easily by hand drawing or printing out a template of one shape or silhouette in three different sizes. Then grab some thicker paper (scrapbooking paper is fantastic for this) in different prints and get tracing and cutting them out. For the butterflies, put the sticky strip just in the centre so that the wings can be folded out to give them a 3D effect.


 An Evening with Evie; 10 Tips for Personalising a Space - 3d butterfly wall artAn Evening with Evie; 10 Tips for Personalising a Space - Initial Frame Art

cute clothes

It’s easy to find cute clothes in a nursery, but we all have favourite clothes that we love the colours of, the shapes, textures or the sentimental aspect if it was from a special person or worn at a certain occasion. Get one piece out of the cupboard and put it on a nice hanger to drape from a cupboard door, curtain rod or dresser handle. It adds a lovely, personal touch to the room and enhances the charm of the piece of furniture it is perched on.

cluster jars

We just can’t get enough of them. You’ll see them popping up in so many of our posts, so it’s best you save up your glass jars for H&D project time. We save all our glass jars from pasta sauces, jams, baby food… soak the jars in hot soapy water and the labels will come straight off. For the nursery we simply cut some paper doillies to size and dabbed on some craft glue. Stick them straight onto the glass and let it dry for a really simple way to dress up some glass jars to store bits and pieces in. Make sure you stick the doily straight on after brushing on the glue as they are quite thin and break easily when dampened with glue. Position them on the jar in one go as they will fall apart if repositioned.

serve it up

A customised tray is super easy to create. Just add some fabric or paper to the base to match it to the rest of your décor. It’s a functional and decorative piece for any room, and here it stores the glass gars which hold Evie’s little knick-knacks within easy reach.


Get creative on how you store things. We love this very inexpensive Snovita bauble holder from Ikea which is under $5. We’ve used it to get our jewellery on display and decided to use one again for displaying Evie’s little headbands and trinkets. Her little booties and shoes will also be tied up by their laces here and it can accommodate her collection as it grows rapidly.

necklaces on display - easy ways to display your jewellery collection with the Ikea SNOVITA bauble holder

photo courtesy of

Most of us have seen these versatile cube units. They are great vertical or horizontal and are perfect for basket storage and personalising with photos, favourite books and trinkets.

gifted goods

Gifts that have sentimental value should be on display and not locked up in cupboards. Find a place for the thoughtful things that family and friends gift you. It could be a tea set, or a heirloom or a simple little heart like this one. We all have everyday items locked away in cupboards, and they are perfect for personalising a space.

Thank you to Baby Evie and her gorgeous mum Kylie for choosing H&D for your nursery styling. May it be a place for both of you to have lots of laughs, many hours of play and relaxing moments together – dream big little Evie! xx

We hope the fruits of our evening decorating Evie’s room have given you some ideas on how you can decorate your space with some spirited personalisation. If you would like some H&D styling help for your home then send us a note.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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13 thoughts on “An Evening with Evie: 10 tips for personalising a nursery

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  2. Oh I love this colour scheme because I rent and have blue walls for my girls room as well. Can I ask where the frame with the E is from? I love it!

    • Hi Elise, glad you like colours. And yes so many people are in the same situation with renting so we try and make sure our posts are relevant for owners and renters alike. The frame is actually from Ikea and was under $12.

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