Easy Entertaining

Cheese skewers – these make for great little bites that are so easy to put together and they’re packed with colour and flavour.

Simply toss some bambini bocconcini (small bocconcini cheese balls) in a mix of basil pesto. It’s easy to make your own pesto by blitzing together basil leaves together with a bunch of your favourite herbs, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt and lemon juice. Alternatively you could just use pre-made bottled pesto from a jar which works perfectly well.

Then skewer the bocconcini with some cherry tomatoes and a folded basil leaf and serve them up with some crackers.


White Wine Sangria – pick a bottle of your favourite white wine (we used a sparking wine), buy a tin of lychees and grab a handful of mint leaves. In a one litre glass bottle, add 2/3 up with white wine, the other third with the tinned syrup the lychees come in and then add a handful of sliced lychee and roughly chopped mint. Leave it in the fridge to chill and the flavours will combine beautifully. If red wine is more your thing, then try our this instead.


Handwritten labels, colourful napkins and light your favourite scented candles. 

–  The Cloud9 Project

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