Our 2012 Christmas Card Range {sold out}

The H&D ‘Joy Tree’ and ‘Peace Flake’ Christmas card packs are here! Designed and handmade in Australia with a quarter of all profits going to Oxfam for community aid projects around the world.

Regardless of our faith or beliefs, we all have a wish for some ‘Joy‘ and ‘Peace‘ – for ourselves, family, friends … and the world. We’re kicking off the festive season with our handmade cards that carry these simple yet poignant messages.

The Packs are $17 (AUD ex postage) for a 12 pack of cards, matching gift tags and ‘with love’ envelopes. Packs come with 12 cards from one design or a mix pack with 6 of each. Cards are blank inside so you can personalise your message. CONTACT US to put in your order today as we only have a limited number of packs!



We’re giving a quarter of all profits from the sale of our card packs to a few good causes around the world via Oxfam!

Sending all our readers wishes for Joy and Peace in the time leading up to, during and following the festive season! xx

2 thoughts on “Our 2012 Christmas Card Range {sold out}

  1. Oh that is a nice and refreshing color scheme for Xmas. The usual cards in shops that is out every Xmas is starting to get a little zzzzz but this is real nice.

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