Kylie’s Living Room – Decorating with Red

Having a baby is big news, moving house is big too … but brave and determined Kylie decided to combine the two and moved house with a newborn in tow! Naturally the setting up and styling of her new home took second place to mummy duties, so she called in H&D to weave some styling magic!

We started with a blank canvas containing a nice, sunny open plan living-dining-kitchen area that flowed through to the outdoors via a big and bright double sliding door. Kylie already had a big chaise lounge that fit well into that space, however she hadn’t gotten around to getting much more. Our eyes were drawn to the big, blank wall behind the lounge – cue the styling drool because we knew it would be the perfect backdrop for a custom H&D artwork.

We needed to work to a small budget so we commenced the trawling and hit our usual list of weekend markets, ebay, vintage shops and second hand stores to find some unique pieces for the job. The H&D husband and bubba joined the search on this occasion and we made it a family day out (when are these styling jobs actually going to feel like work??).

BTW we headed furniture shopping straight from a Xmas party, hence the baby antlers! 

I digress… now back to Kylie’s place. She did already have a red rug and red cushions because she is a fan of this vibrant colour, but we were glad she wasn’t too fussed with what we kept and removed apart from one or two gorgeous sentimental ornaments. The existing rug and cushions were too much of a contrast to the sofa and walls (which we couldn’t change the colour of since she is renting). So we moved them into her nursery which we styled recently – it could carry the contrasting burst of colour really well.

We opted instead for a more muted and tonal introduction of red hues in the living and dining through blended reds, browns, mustard and burnt orange elements.

The coffee table was a great second hand find and was just the right size and height so as not to overwhelm the space. The throw is a hand stitched shawl from india that we bought from a Fair Trade store. Its earthy and ethnic print works well to break up the big, comfortable chaise part of the lounge. Along with the cushions and artwork, this simple throw really does take the lounge from being a standard piece to a bit of a statement piece.

A cluster of mismatched items on a tray on top of her coffee table (remember our golden rule of clustering in threes and other uneven numbers), along with some fresh flowers for a pop of white completed the room perfectly. We used earthy textures and colours via cushions clusters, vases, candle holders, throws and our custom artwork gathered from a blend of new store bought, hand made, repurposed, and second hand finds to achieve this look.


For the dining area we kept it simple with a basic and low profile four seater dining table with chairs that slid snuggly underneath so that the space looked compact when not in use. We decorated the table top simply with a sentimental vase from Kylie’s mother, a modern candle holder and a vase that we spray painted in a vibrant metallic magenta to match the rest of the décor. Watch this space for a photo wall we’re going to be doing on the wall adjoining the dining area!


Kylie’s dog Sassy watched on intently during the styling project. Suffice to say, H&D has a new K9 fan!

Some feedback from our happy customer:

“Thank you so much H&D! I love love love my new living area. You managed to make the house feel like a home immediately. It’s quite magical what you have managed to achieve for me for under $600 and in 2 hours! The custom artwork just took my breath away and I love all the colours and décor you’ve introduced. I love it all! Thank you for creating a space I can relax and entertain in. Can you come back and do my bedroom and bathroom too please?” – Kylie

We hope Kylie and her bub Evie enjoy their new space and look forward to weaving some H&D flair through other parts of their home shortly!

If you have a favourite colour, think about the muted ways you can introduce elements of the colour through your spaces. The impact is actually greater when introduced subtly through different tones and textures.

Contact us if you are interested in our custom artwork or if you would like us to style any of our indoor or outdoor spaces.

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