Retro Overhaul; A Dollhouse Heist

My father dropped off a dusty old dollhouse of mine that he found while cleaning out the garage. And with it came a flood of memories from a time when creativity was born and simplicity reigned. I have a feeling this is going to be the biggest H&D styling project to date!

My parents always encouraged innovation and I remember them buying the nicest dollhouse they could find for me, but refusing to buy me any of the furniture. I’d like to think that was to encourage creativity instead of their way of dealing with the foreboding sense that multiple trips would need to be made for ‘miniature furniture sourcing’ demands. Instead of buying me the dollhouse furniture, they made me recycle empty egg cartons, tissue boxes and trinkets to make my own.

I was also encouraged to play with cars, trucks and play in the dirt, so I wasn’t exclusively a dollhouse kinda gal. But I certainly enjoyed this little home and it provided me hours of entertainment when friends came over and in the quieter moments to myself, like when I should have been doing my math homework (snore!).

I didn’t know it at the time, but I guess those were the beginnings of H&D. Now it’s my actual home, other people’s homes, balconies and events that are my dollhouse experience. So it is only fair that I keep this retro muse and pay some homage to its place in my little world.

My own little girl is now looking at the dollhouse with a little twinkle in her eye. The egg-carton lounges and tissue box wardrobes have not stood the test of time (yes, they have disintegrated – I am that old!) but the shell is still going strong. Little does my little Maya know that I secretly hope she occasionally sneaks away from her study desk to straighten up some dollhouse pillows or close the oven door so the mud cakes cook properly. I’ll have to remember to reprimand her instead of smiling knowingly!



So look, I realise the wallpaper is ‘builder’s standard’, none of the themes make sense, the floor laminate is too retro (in a bad way), the faux artwork is a bit clumsy, the light fittings don’t look to code, I think I even see some rising damp… but hey, the windows are big and bright, there are french doors, the balconies are sturdy, The ceilings are high, the outside façade is still in tact … I think this can be moved along into a new generation.

I’m up for the challenge and I can’t wait to think up little rooms with my bub – a modern dollhouse with vintage flair, repurposed furniture and custom décor!

I may have to leave it to the New Year to start this whole-house renovation project, maybe even longer since Maya is only 10 months old. But I do look forward to bring you some progress along the way!

Do you have pieces that were a part of your childhood? Whether they are big or small, keep one or two of your favourite pieces and pass them down to your kids, other family or friends’ children. Or even better, make an occasion of it and spend some time fixing it up with them.

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