Zero Dollar Centerpieces; Use What You Already Have

On the heels of the Festive Season, it’s time to exercise some entertaining creativity. We’ve got many great ideas coming up that will minimise the damage to your wallet this silly season.

Starting with centerpiece ideas – don’t splurge on expensive Christmas centerpieces that will only be used once a year. Get creative and use everyday items that you already have around the home and assemble a warm display with your favourite things. These decorating ideas will cost you $zero… which means more of your budget can be put towards cute gifts for everyone!

What you will need:

  • A large glass bowl to act as the main centerpiece. A large vase, salad or dessert bowl is perfect.
  • A smaller glass bowl or jar to place a candle in. This should fit into the larger one with some room between the two. Try and get both bowls at roughly the same height.
  • knick-knacks to fill the space in between the bowls – flowers, ornaments, trinkets, Christmas tree decorations and cards from last year.

Just assemble it all together by putting the smaller bowl or jar inside the larger one. That enables a candle-lit glow through the items on display, but makes for a flame-proof barrier. As for the knick-knacks from around your home, pick things you love and you’ll be surprised how random things come together to make a really cute display. Then light the candle for some lovely ambient flickering that shines a beautiful light around the room through your favourite bits and pieces. You could even add a knitted candle cosy to the inside candle holder for some extra charm:


You could pick a theme like ‘white Christmas’ and just fill your bowl with pops of white. Or you could go earthy and bring the outside in using flowers, twigs and stones. A beach theme is lovely for the warmer southern hemisphere Christmas, or you could stick with Santa’s traditional landscape with pine cones, snow flakes and baubles.. the possibilities are endless! And since you’re using what you already have without splurging a chunk of your festive season budget on decorating, you’ve got the flexibility to create a few of these to scatter around your home.

You could change the contents around during the twelve days of Christmas and have a different theme every day with little bursts of inspiration using things you love.

Enjoy the festive season without leaving a big hole in your wallet. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve with a tony budget and a little creativity!

5 thoughts on “Zero Dollar Centerpieces; Use What You Already Have

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