H&D Balcony Transformation; Chatswood

I was delighted to work on a balcony transformation for Diane recently. She loved what she saw from the Newtown Balcony Transformation and came H&D wanting a total balcony revamp of her own so that she could finally entertain and relax outdoors.

The initial consult with Diane allowed us to get to know her a bit more so that we could tailor the space. We found out her likes, dislikes and a feel for her style which helped us provide her with exactly what she needed, whilst injecting some of our signature repurposed and vintage pieces, our original artwork, decorative touches and a great balance between functionality and design. For less than the cost of an outdoor furniture setting, Diane essentially gained an extra room in her apartment, complete with a lounge area, custom artwork, herb garden and an outdoor kitchen.

By her own admission, Diane found her balcony space to be a little dull, dusty, a wasted space and a bit of an eyesore (especially since she has big glass sliding doors that look out onto the balcony from her living area). In fact she never really ventured out there in the whole eight years that she has lived in the apartment! But as she shared her thoughts on the space, our eyes were glistening because all we could see was an amazing blank canvas and so much potential.

Before our transformation

We created a lounge zone with some cleverly designed bench seating that caters for up to 12 people, yet it was streamlined and well laid out. Capitalising on the floor space was achieved by creating different zones to make the most of the sunshine, the fresh breezes and both the leafy and city views across Chatswood.

H&D Balcony Transformation; Chatswood - Bench Seating and Cushion Clusters for Functionality and StyleH&D Balcony Transformation; Chatswood - Bench Seating and Cushion Clusters for Functionality and Style

The lounge area was warmed up with some cushion clusters in a fresh and modern pallet that matched our hand made ‘dandelion’ artwork. This artwork is charming by day but comes alive in all its ambient warmth by evening and well into the night.

The repurposed industrial spool gave a rustic charm to the space as a versatile coffee table. A outdoor rug underneath added warmth to the area and really took it from a silo space into an extension of the internal living area. It’s all one flowing indoor-outdoor space for effortless entertaining.

We created a lovely outdoor kitchen featuring a custom transformation of a vintage dresser. This dresser has some beautiful features like the detail on the handles and legs, with more drawers and storage inside. With the addition of some extra bench space for Diane’s BBQ, we created a very functional and charming outdoor kitchen zone complete with a menu chalkboard, a functional herb garden and storage.

An outdoor drinks tray really sets the vibe for a fun afternoon of cocktails or a quick, cheeky glass (or five) of sangria, our favorite afternoon drinksy for summertime.

H&D Balcony Transformation; Chatswood - Outdoor Drinks Tray

An existing boxed balcony garden was also re-vamped from being a dusty hinderance into a beautifully serene succulent rock garden with loads of zen.

Together with the styling items that we provide (and yes, there is of course a bird ornament), we loved using personalised touches in our decorating. We gathered some of Diane’s things like an apron, a hessian eco shopping bag, some of her old books and magazines. Diane commented on how lovely it was to see some of her own items in the mix, and things she never previously thought were display-worthy!

But enough from us, here’s some feedback in Diane’s own words:

I chose H&D because I had seen your previous balcony transformation and was impressed by the changes you had made to the space, the homeliness you managed to create – and I wanted that for my balcony. Previously, my balcony was neglected – there were a few seats out there & a bbq but I never used the space much at all because it wasn’t welcoming.

I was really impressed with how quickly you guys understood what I was after and came back to me with the moodboard brief (within 24 hrs of initial consult) and that you had managed to get a sense of my “style” so quickly & incorporate that into the transformation.

The highlights for me are that it is now a beautiful space, the small touches like candles, herb garden, personalised wall art, mini buddha statue and bamboo edge to the garden as well as the rustic touches like the bench seating and the refinished table add a homeliness & appeal that makes me want to go out & use the space, invite my friends over & relax – which is exactly how a balcony should be.

It has become almost like an outdoor room added on to my apartment & I can’t wait to use it over summer. Thanks H&D for creating a space I want to come home to!!!” – Diane

We always like to leave a little hamper of something cute behind for all our clients. We hope you have lots of fun, laughs and good times on your revamped balcony Diane. It was lovely working with you and please have a glass of wine for us when you pop open the bottle in your beautiful outdoor space!

Do you like what you see? If your would like us to weave some H&D magic for you then don’t hesitate to Contact us to find out more about any of our featured artwork, our home styling and event styling services.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi
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