Decorating with Blue + Green

Some colours really look happy paired up and we’re going to be picking out colour matches that we think have a blissful union.

Blues and greens and all tones in between are a fresh colour pallet for decorating. Mixes of lime, olive, citrus, mustard, emerald and darker, earthy greens combine really well with dusty, turquoise, and washed-out beachy blues.

This colour combo can be used to pull off a variety of looks like modern industrial, vintage and beach inspired in particular. Don’t take the colour combo too literally with one green and one blue of the same item. Instead, play with different tones of the colours, textures, heights and mediums to create a seamless union.

Take a look at some of our favourite photos of the happy couple together:

BEAH INSPIRED – We love a beachy look to freshen up a space and this colour pallet fits right in. Subdued and sun-kissed versions of this colour match can be incorporated with weathered woods and tinted glass jars and vases to create a lovely, breezy look.


CLUSTERS – grab some mismatched items like vases, candle holders, lanterns and photo frames in different shades and cluster them together. If you don’t have these colours already, then it’s easy to transform some dull ornaments by giving them a quick spray paint with this vibrant pallet.



OUTDOORS – this is a pretty easy pallet to carry outdoors because it’s inspired by nature! Incorporate some plants like succulents into your outdoor table settings with pops of blues against weathered wooden finishes, rusty pieces, or some aged pottery to create a very summery outdoor space with plenty of rustic charm.

Adding some pops of colour to a crisp, white deck chair is a great way of creating a more beachy outdoors. Perch a tray of chilled wine bottles on a drinks tray close by to complete the look (there are great colours available in reusable plastic outdoor cutlery and crockery these days as an alternative to disposable).


We used an olive-lime green and dark blue-grey pallet recently when we worked on our Balcony Transformation; Chatwsood. We repurposed an industrial spool by turning it into a coffee table with a blue finish to match. A custom Cloud9 artwork with a dusty lime green background and blue dandelions in the same colour as the table top tied it all in together. A pile of books and magazines with a bird ornament and candle on top completed the homely styling to create this outdoor room.

IN THE BATHROOM – it’s easy to freshen up an stark, white bathroom with some towels, candles and accessories in this colour pallet.


FROM THE KITCHEN – Inspired collections of crockery can make the difference to any table spread. Mismatched vintage crockery, colourful bottles and jugs, personalised place settings and nice touches with the addition of scripted accents will all look for entertaining.


LIVING ROOM – for relaxing entertaining areas like the lounge room, you could go for a statement chair like this beautiful structured sofa in an opulent olive green textile and adorned with cushions in formal stripes. But if you’re after a more relaxed look, then bring together some everyday items, knick knacks, travel finds and mismatched cushion clusters for more casual lounge room comfort.

Blue and green tribal items worked amazingly well in our H&D Home with Heart; Newtown.


KIDDY CORNER – For childrem, blue and green colours blend in nicely and can be kept quite either quite gender neutral, specifically girly/boyish. It’s easy to use fabric and embellishments to create personal touches in these colours for play areas, kid’s toys, clothes and gifts.


IN THE BEDROOM – there are gorgeous and vibrant bedspread fabrics like these available in stores. With some accent pillows and artwork, a crisp, white backdrop can really come alive with vibrant colour. Items like scarves and throws can highlight the look. To cosy it up, stack up some blankets and throws and place a little tray on top with some fresh cut flowers and books (they hope that breakfast in bed on that tray ensues!).


EVENT STYLING – we styled a 21st Birthday in a vintage-inspired theme and used a pallet of green and blue in muted tones to tie in with the look for the event.


We hope this happy ‘colour couple’ has inspired you to look ways of using these two colours throughout your space. Looking forward to featuring another happy colour couple soon!

**Added September 2013 ***

We’re loving the fresh Spring colour mix and floral prints at Jimmy Possom furniture! They are Australia’s largest producer of furniture manufactured from recycled timbers? Such a great Australia company.

Jimmy Possom Furniture

– The Cloud9 Project

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