The Fifteen Minute Bedroom Refresh

We were in a transformation whirlwind and happened to finish a tad earlier than expected from re-doing Baby Evie’s nursery and her Mummy Kylie’s lounge and dining room so we were compelled to keep the momentum going. Kylie had a bedroom refresh in mind on her ‘wish list’, but we exercised our H&D mantra that any space can be transformed on any budget so we made it happen earlier than she thought she could have it all.

We squeezed the left over budget from the other two room projects and threw together this bedroom refresh in record time. Though, we shouldn’t really play it down so much because Kylie loved it and couldn’t believe the difference we made in just fifteen minutes!

Here are the 5 easy steps on how we achieved this:

1. No big changes – It’s easy to over think and over complicate design and that leads to further design neglect and a tad too much procrastination (we’re all guilty of that!). But if you’re after a quick refresh then try not to make any big changes. In this case, we were working with a rental property so the wall colours can’t be changed and nothing can be hammered into the walls. Kylie wouldn’t say any of the exiting colour pallet would be her first choice (and nor was it ours) but we knew we could pull it all together for her. So the bed and other furniture stayed as did the bedspread – this project was a pure refresh!

before the refresh

 The Fifteen Minute Bedroom Refresh - the bedroom before the refresh was mismatched and dreary

2. Cushion & throws – we’re huge fans of the cushion cluster in home styling and it really is a quick, easy and inexpensive way of refreshing any space. So we decided to add a bright pop of teal through two cushions and we used a plain teal throw at the foot of the bed to break up the black and white design.

The Fifteen Minute Bedroom Refresh - the bedroom after the makeover matches and looks brighter, more feminine and vibrant

3. Textures, Tones and Patterns – a busy print like black and white needs some solid colour like the black backing cushions, however that doesn’t mean you can’t layer some different designs on top. In fact, if used correctly, additional layering of designs in different textures like this satin finish draws the eye towards this point of interest and away from the dominating print, and thereby softening the whole look.

The Fifteen Minute Bedroom Refresh - using textures, tones and patterns to refresh an existing colour pallet

4. Accessories – A simple teal vase ties the cushion and throw additions together and a cute candle with a flocked damask print adds a point of interest. A pop of white with the addition of some fresh white flowers compliments Kylie’s existing ornament. We found some inexpensive (and light) wall art from a department store and used 3M picture hanging strips to mount it. We were lucky to find an artwork that loosely matched the wall colour.

The Fifteen Minute Bedroom Refresh - making existing colour schemes work with simple accessories

5. Repurpose – when budgets are small, we need to get creatively thrifty. So we used an old glass sauce bottle and a glue gun to secure some twine to the base and spin it around the bottle. Simply glue the other end down as well and you have a very simple yet charming little vase that has a lovely texture (that ties in the existing wood tones) yet is small enough so as to not overwhelm the small bedside table space.

The Fifteen Minute Bedroom Refresh - fresh white flowers make a lovely understated statement to any room The Fifteen Minute Bedroom Refresh - use an old sauce jar and twine to create a textured case

It may be quicker than you think to give a neglected space in your home a quick refresh and you’re likely to already have what you need around the house. However, if you would like some help from H&D home styling, then feel free to contact us anytime.


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