Green Giving; Plants Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Here is a very simple idea for dressing up some ordinary plants to make the perfect gift that keeps giving all year round. It really is a much greener option and everyone can find a plant in a size and budget to suit. Plus, in the case of many potted plants, you don’t need to have a separate outdoor area to keep plants alive… a sunny window sill will do the job.

Try and pick plants with lots of green foliage and use some red ribbon to give the greenery some festive cheer. Try aging your own terracotta pots (though you’ll have to do this in advance), and add some points of interest to the base like these faux cherries that you can get in packs from the discount store. They are simply stuck together using a glue gun and make quite a little decorative statement.

You could dress up your plants throughout the year and gift them for a variety of occasions in the same manner. For example, add some pink or blue ribbon for a baby shower gift, add some driftwood to the base and tie on some ribbon in beach inspired colours for a really fresh housewarming gift, accessories with a bright pop of yellow ribbon and paint some pebbles for decorating the base… the list really is endless.

Add some ‘oomph’ to your gift giving this year and put some emphasis and thought behind gift wrapping ordinary and everyday items to transform them into something a little more special. Add some hand made gift tags with a personal message to complete the present beautifully.

Green Giving; The Perfect Christmas Gift

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